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Incomplete Goodall Cup: NSW 1970, 1971, 1980, 1981 + 1994. Vic 1975, '78 + '79.
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Some Internationals may have won more Goodall Cups than shown at present.
This is due to the incomplete record for the years noted above.
Research continues and updates are ongoing.


Vic Cups in purple; NSW in aqua; Qld in yellow; South Australia in red; ACT in green; Ties in yellow-green.
T = a Cup tie (for example, 1932 + 1946)
Ice hockey representative at World Championship for Australia
 Ice hockey representative at Olympics for country indicated (mostly Australia)


The full research on which this is based has now spread over many years and it is still ongoing. The source documents are recorded but they are complex and too numerous to mention in brief. Among the main ones are The Argus and The Age, Melbourne; The Sydney Morning Herald and Sunday Herald, Sydney; The Mercury, Hobart, The Advertiser, Adelaide; the Canberra Times; Glaciettes and Glaciarium Review by the former NISAA Melbourne, Glaciarium Ltd Melbourne, and its successors; Ice Hockey Guide by the former VIHA; numerous Goodall Cup programs, state team photos, public records; etc. Online samples appear on this web site, and there are more on the Legends web site, along with many transcriptions from the originals.

The IHA Centenary publication, and Sid Tange's history on which it is partly based, have been used as a reference only. I am grateful they exist and I do not wish to diminish the efforts of contributors to those documents. However, they are largely unsourced and therefore not verifiable. Both also contain too many inconsistencies with primary sources, omissions, or plain errors, to be useful as a reliable record in their own right. In the case of Goodall Cup champions, variations between this record and "official" records are most pronounced in the first half-century to 1954. The second half exhibits much less variation, but that may change.

The records of the VIHA were once impeccable. For the first fifty or sixty years, they could tell you the number of games played by every player, locally and interstate; how many points they each scored; the awards and records they held. Traces of that spirit are still evident on the web site of IHV Demons, one of the oldest surviving ice hockey clubs in Australia. The historic record was important to the pioneers. Like Ariadne's thread, it was a twisted string between beginning and end, between the first and last win. So, what are we to do when the first published record of today's national controlling authority, is at odds with the published match reports of the time and other historic documents? I don't know the answer, but we must at least get the Cup right.

Special thanks to Beryl Black for access to her archive.

— Ross Carpenter, 2010


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