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Sydney Tange (1917- 2005)
First involved with ice hockey at St George Ice Hockey Club in 1937 as player and later Secretary / Treasurer. Playing career finished in 1947 when he became Secretary of the NSW Association, a position he held almost 12 years. He was acting President 1964/65. Awarded Life Membership of the NSW Association in 1960, and Life Membership of the Australian Ice Hockey Federation in 1962. President of the Glebe Lions Ice Hockey Club, and the Easts Monarchs Club; Life Member of the latter. Co-organiser of first interstate Junior Ice Hockey match in 1951 with the late Mr Alwyn Stuart (manager of St Moritz Ice Skating Rink, Melbourne, and President of Pirates IHC). Assistant Manager of Australian Team competing in the 1962 World Championships in Colorado, USA. President of the Australian Federation, from 1970-73. Presented with the H.C. and S.M. Hudson "Sportsman of the Year" Trophy in 1967. The National 17 years and under Tournament was named the Tange Trophy after him in 1969.

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Patron: Mr Dunbar Poole,
President: Mr. Jim Pike.
Captain: Mr. J. Pike.
Vice-President: Mr. L. 'Snowy' Reid.
General Committee: Messrs Gibson, Kerr, Maling.
Selection Committee: Messre Pike, Reid, Josephs.
Hon. Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Norm Josephs.
Annual Subscription: 5/- (shillings) Formerly 2/6 (Two shillings and sixpence).
Members: N Josephs, T Gibson, J Gardener, R Benjamin, E Benjamin, E Hallet, J Cohen, J O Gates, F Josephs, L Reid, S Cohen, W Scott, Maling, Collette, F White, C Kerr, Capenter, Welby, Goodwin, Mr Thew, C Harries, W Bujioff, H Ives, H Butler, Mr Howe, Mr Palsew, Mr Glasburn, Mr Jantsen, Mr Gallagher, Mr Brown, Mr Roberson, N Wright, Mr Pakel, Mr Stenz.

Annual General Meeting: Saturday 28th May 1921.
Patron: Mr Bujioff., Prop: Mr Reid., Sec: Mr Thew.
President: Mr Dunbar Poole, Prop: Mr Kerr., Sec: Mr Harris.
Captain: Mr Pike., Prop: Mr Reid, Sec: Mr Josephs.
Vice Captain: Mr Reid., Prop: Mr N Josephs., Sec: Mr C Harris
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr N. Josephs., Sec: Mr J Pike.
Committee: Mr N Josephs, Prop: Mr Ives, Sec: Mr J Pike.
Mr T Gibson., Prop: Mr Ives., Sec: Mr Gardener.
Mr Kerr, Prop: Mr Collette., Sec: Mr Butler.
Selection Committee: Messrs Pike, Reid, Josephs.
Gear Steward: Mr N Joesphs, Props: Mr Ives., Sec: Mr Gibson.
Annual Subscription: 5/- (shillings).
Members: F White, E Benjamin, J Gardener, J Pike, C Kerr, N Benjamin, Carpenter, F Josephs, N Josephs, T Gibson, M Loart.

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1. South Sydney Ice Hockey Club
Team Composed of: T Gibson (Capt), H Butler, C Fowler, E Hewitt, Dr Murphy, W Power.

2. Eastern Suburbs Ice Hockey Club
Team composed of: E.J. Kendall (Capt), F Josephs, W Panter, F Whyte, H Tanner, S Schute, J. Lovelace.

3. Western Suburbs Ice Hockey Club
Team composed of: J Pike (Capt), C Kerr, Dr Hamilton, W Store, T Wells, J Kerr, W Webb, J. Carpenter, J Lowick.

4. North Shore Ice Hockey Club
Team composed of: L Reid (Capt), C gates, N Josephs, H Ives, W Watkins, R Boyden, H Hinder, D Cathro, S Green, L Catro.

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Campbell Leven; Pigot 1837; Slater 1852

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Lucy Mireylees N Reid, Death Reg No: 601/1956, Sydney, parents Henry Newman Reid and Lucy. Leslie Newman Reid Death Reg: 10472/1932, Sydney, parents Henry Newman Reid and Lucy.

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The Public Records Office database records the 1961 voyage as 'Empress of the Sea' and the 1864 and onward voyages were 'Empress of the Seas' (plural). The latter ship was an extreme clipper built by Donald Mackay and destroyed in 1861 as noted below. It could not have made the 1864 voyage yet that is how it is recorded in the PRO database. 'Empress of the Sea' was a smaller 1,243 tons wooden ship fastened with iron bolts and also owned by the famous Black Ball line of Liverpool. She was built in 1863 at Hilyard in New Brunswick and measured 57.9m long with an 11.9m beam (189.8' long, 39.2' beam, holds 23.7' deep). 'Empress' sailed the Liverpool to Melbourne line and her maiden voyage on that run was probably in 1864, with the Reid's onboard, under Capt Davis. When the owners of the shipping line, James Baines & Co, were in financial troubles in the 1860s, Capt. Thomas Williams bought some of the old wooden ships from them, including 'Empress of the Sea' in 1866, which he sold in 1871. Capt. Williams of Parciau, Criccieth and Liverpool, was formerly Master then Marine Superintendant with the Black Ball Line.

'Empress of the Seas' James Baines & Co purchased this large extreme clipper built by Donald Mackay in September 1860 from Wilson & Sons of Baltimore. She soon joined the Black Ball fleet on the Liverpool-Melbourne run. On her second voyage, she made a phenomenally fast passage to Melbourne in 66 1/2 days. One source says she was anchored off Port Phillip at the quarantine station at Port Nepean waiting for the morning tide of December 19, 1861 to begin the homeward passage, when a fire in the fore hold broke out that destroyed her. Mackay also built 'Sovereign of the Sea's and 'Champion of the Seas'.

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Park during the 1940s and from 1960 has continued to be used as a car park.

[36] 'Melbourne Punch' newspaper, Thursday, 19 Jul 1906; Published on p. 88 of the weekly, received and date-stamped at the Pubic Library of Victoria on 21 July 1906. IHA wrongly cite the year as 1907 ("History of the Goodall Cup") and Sid Tange as 12 Jul 1906 (IHNSW), the Thursday prior to the publication. IHA and IHNSW histories both contain numerous other errors including the score, initials and spelling of most players' names.

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[41] According to Source [1], the following advertisement appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser on Tuesday October 11, 1904:

Rink vs Scratch Team, starts 9pm. Seating Accommodation for 3,000 People. Illuminated by Electricity. Refreshments of all kinds. Opening Morning, 10-12; Afternoon, 3-5; Evening, 7:45-10 Admission, 1/S Skates, 6d.;Floorage. 6d. ; Children under 10, Half price, Morning and Afternoon only. H NEWMAN REID, General Manager.'

However, the rink had probably not opened until 1905. The earliest record of an ice hockey match was reported 5 and 12 July 1905 in the Adelaide newspapers Express and Advertiser. See Additional Research Item [2] below.

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[56] 'Merrilees Clan Website' Online, Henry's mother, Mary Ann Mirilees, belongs to the Merrilees Clan MFA Tree #9. All of the Merrilees Family Tree branches in Australia and New Zealand are proven by DNA testing to be related through a common ancestor, currently identified by MFA research as James Mirrileyis (born abt 1610) who married Elspeth Blair in Ormiston in 1641. James was a blacksmith in Pencaitland, East Lothian. The first member of this family to go to New Zealand was Henry's sister 36-yr-old Agnes Reid in 1899. She was the fifth child born to Mary Ann Mireylees and Dr John Lambert Reid in Scotland before the family emigrated to Australia in 1864, where four other siblings were born. Agnes immigrated from Australia to Alexandra in Otago and married Kenneth McLeay Phin. Henry Newman Reid links to the Merrilees common ancestor through Robert Mireylees (abt 1780) and Euphemia Dunbar who married in Edinburgh, 15 March 1799.

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Burial REED GEORGE AGE 45 1817 Apr 23 RST: Convict. RM
Burial REED ROBERT AGE 50 1813 Oct 31 RST: Came Free. RM

RST = St Phillips Church Parish Registers
Vol 2 has C/E burials 1787 to 1831; Vol 7 has baptisms, burials & marriages 1812 to 1818 for St Phillips Sydney; Vol 8 has baptisms, burials & marriages 1819 to 1825 for St Phillips Sydney; St Phillips Church Parish Registers can be consulted at the State Library of NSW, Society of Australian Genealogists and at regional repositories around NSW that hold the Archives Resources Kit produced by State Records.

RM = Thomas D. Mutch Index to NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages, 1787-1956, Mitchell Library CY377 – 378. Card index of birth, marriage, and death entries compiled from parish registers. Though it covers later time periods, it is most effective for the pre-1830 time frame.

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Email from Barbara Addie 24 Apr 2009, Barbara Addie wrote: To Ross Carpenter, I came across your site on ice sports when researching my family history. My Great-aunt was Lucy Marsden Reid, her brother was my Grandfather. I had found information on the Reid family; it is quite extensive and was chasing up the last child of Henry Newman and Lucy. Lucy Mireylees Reid. I have a copy of her mother's death certificate and saw that she was still living in Sydney. I have not been able to determine when she died and will continue looking. Just a small correction, Lucy Marsden's father was John RICH Marsden, not Richard. His mothers maiden name was Rich hence the continuance. I also agree with you that there are no descendants of Henry and Lucy as all the sons were unmarried and the daughter was still unmarried at the time of her mother's death. A remarkable family that has died out. Thank you for the informative site and I well remember the St.Moritz where my older brother and I would sometimes go for a leisurely glide around. Two of my brother's friends did play ice hockey but I did not see them play (I wasn't old enough to be allowed out, even with my brother). There used to be an ice rink at Ringwood that was closed down allegedly because the ice floor was sinking and therefore was a public danger. Who knows, perhaps the owners just wanted to sell the land.

[87] The Argus, 1 Oct 1915, p4. Part transcript: Mining Meetings, Augusta, Laverton. The annual general meeting of shareholders in the Augusta Co., Laverton, W. A., was held at 24 Queen street, on Thursday. ... The reports and balance sheets were then adopted and the retiring directors, Messrs T Watson, H. Newman Reid, and M Kane were released.

[88] The Argus, 29 Sep 1917, p20. Part transcript: The third annual meeting of the Victorian branch of the Australasian Institute of Secretaries was held on Wednesday, the President (Mr A Thewlis) presiding. The annual report stated that the present membership was 328, as against 63 in December, 1914. The members attached to the Vctorian branch numbered 119, of whom 56 were fellows and 63 associates. The institute, which was the first to inaugurate special examinations for secretaries throughout the Commonwealth and New Zealand, thus setting a standard for the professional secretary, would shortly be the second largest institute of secretaries in the British Empire, both as regarded revenue and membership. The question of linking up the various branches was discussed, and it was decided to submit a motion to the next meeting of the council, having for its object the formation of a Federal body. Mr Arthur Thewlis was re-elected President, and Mr W T Charge was appointed a member of the council in place of Mr Harrison. At a conference of interstate delegates held on Friday, the following were elected on the Australasian council: – Mr A Thewlis (Vic.), president; Mr G T Clark (N.S.W.), vice-president; Mr G Joice (W.A.), hon. treasurer; Mr H. N. Reid, hon. auditor; Mr J Newton Shackleton, Australasian registrar.

[89] The Advertiser, Adelaide, SA, Wed 25 Jan 1911, p p 10-11. The Rev. John Reid, M.A., well-known in South Australia as an eloquent and brilliant preacher and lecturer, died last week. Mr. Reid was born at Leven, Fife shire, and educated at Newton College, and the Edinburgh University, and he arrived in Australia over 40 years ago. He was tutor to Lord Rosebery, and for number of years dramatic critic for a leading Scottish paper. He was lecturer for the Palestine Exploration Society, and lectured before Dean Stanley and other notable men at Oxford. For many years he was professor of church history and philosophy at the Congregational College for the Training of Ministers. He was one of the first and most widely known lecturers in connection with the University extension movements, both in Adelaide and Melbourne, his lectures on Shakespeare (on whose writings he was a foremost authority in Australia) created so much interest that he was despatched by the University extension committee to deliver courses of lectures on Shakespeare's plays in the leading country centres. Together with the late Professor Morris and the late Dr. Neild (says the "Argus"), he was one of the founders of the Melbourne Shakespeare Society, of which he was secretary for many years. He was also one of the trustees of the Melbourne Public Library, and occupied a seat on the council of the Working Men's College for some years. From his earliest days he took a very active part in literary work, acting as correspondent for a number of English papers and journals. He was a regular contributor to the Melbourne Periodical and for many years he was actively engaged in scholastic work. He was the elder and only brother of the late Mr. Robert Reid. He had lived in retirement for the last few years. He left a widow, three sons, and six daughters., Mr. W. E. Reid and Mr. H. Newman Reid are well-known Melbourne business men, and Mr. Edward Crichton Reid is a resident of Dunedin.

[90] Adelaide Advertiser, Mon 1 Jun 1903, p 10. Transcript: ICE AND COLD STORAGE COMPANY. Mr. Newman Reid, the general manager of the Adelaide lce and Cold Storage Company, which, for several seasons past has been shipping several thousands of carcases of frozen sheep and lambs, besides large quantities of rabbits, to London, showed a representative of The Advertiser over the premises at Light-square on Saturday morning. The large "Hercules" ammonia direct expansion 70-ton refrigerating machinery was working almost as smoothly and noiselessly as clock-work. It is intended shortly to enlarge the compressor from 70 to 85 tons refrigeration. The patentee of this machinery is Mr. C. A. MacDonald, a Scotchman, who went to America in early life and took a leading part in the erection of refrigerating machinery there. The works in Adelaide belong to him. Ninety per cent of the whole of the freezing machinery in Australasia consists of the patent plants supplied by this firm, which has also been erecting works in South Africa of a value of about £100,000. The company now intends expanding its business in Adelaide. It has secured the services of one of the most expert men in poultry matters from Victoria, and proposes shipping large quantities of first-quality birds to Europe. The poultry are "got up" in an attractive way before being placed in the cold chambers. Fish salerooms are to be established at Light-square, the services of Mr. J. Wiseman, who is well-known in this trade, having been secured. A cold storage room for the keeping of fish has been erected. The first-sale is to take place on Thursday next. On entering one of the rooms at Light square on Saturday 70 tons of ice was seen, and Mr. Reid said, "This is only our winter supply, and of course it is not nearly so large as the quantity we have in the summer." He added that ice was merely a by- product of the company, being made by a condensation of the steam used in driving the engine.

[91] 'New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Historical Index', Arthur Charles MacDonald (1867–1957) death Reg No 23310/1957: Arthur Charles MacDonald died aged 90 years in 1957 at Terrigal New South Wales.

[92] Adelaide Advertiser, Tue 12 Mar 1907, p 8. Transcript: ALLEGED BREACH OF AGREEMENT. PROPRIETORS OF A SKATING RINK SUED. Melbourne. March 11. An action in relation to an alleged breach of agreement in connection with the refrigerating machinery business carried on at the Glaciarium was begun at the Banco Court to-day before the Chief Justice. The plaintiff was Charles Macdonald, and the defendants were Henry Newman Reid and the Melbourne Ice Skating and Refrigerating Company. The plaintiff, who was a manufacturer of machinery, carried on business in Sydney and Adelaide, and the defendant was an engineer in connection with the refrigerating machinery and cold storage. The plaintiff on March 3 entered into an agreement with the defendant Reid, under which the latter was to act as his general manager at a salary of £500 for the first year, £600 for the second year, and £750 for the third year, and was to be allowed his travelling expenses. An understanding was come to that it would be part ot the duty of the defendant to use his influence in promoting and assisting in the formation of syndicates or companies for ice refrigerating and cold storage purposes. One stipulation was that, such companies when formed should purchase the requisite machinery from the plaintiff, and that liberty should be reserved to the defendant to prepare the plans and specifications for such services. Reid was to receive 2,000 fully-paid up shares in the defendant company. Some 1,500 shares had been allotted him, and the other 500 shares were to be handed to him when he had complied with certain conditions. A declaration was sought by the plaintiff that the 2,000 shares were his (the plaintiff's) property, or that they were acquired bv Reid as trustee or agent for the plaintiff. The defence was that the agreement existed between plaintiff and defendant, who, however, denied that he was bound by it to give the whole of his time to the plaintiff's affairs. He was at liberty, he asserted, to devote a portion of his time and ability for his own benefit, and not as employee of the plaintiff in connection with the flotation of companies. The defendant said, it was allowable for him to receive for himself personal remuneration, either in money or in shares, for such promotion. The case stands part heard.

Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 27 Mar 1907, p 7. A SKATING-RINK CASE. BREACH OF AGREEMENT. Meboume, March 26. An action in relation to an alleged breach of agreement in connection with the refrigerating machinery business carried on at the Gladarium was concluded in the Banco Court to-day. The plaintiff Charles McDonald, and the defendant Henry Newman Reid, of the Melbourne Ice Skating and Refrigerating Company. The case for the plaintiff, a manufacturer of machinery, carrying on business in Sydney and Adelaide, was that he entered into an agreement with the defendant, Reid, under which the latter was to act as his general manager. It was part of the duty of the defendant to use his influence in promoting and assisting in the formation of syndicates or companies for ice refrigerating or cold storage purposes. During the time Reid was in the plaintiff's employ he assisted in the promotion of the Melbourne Ice Skating Company, and prepared plans and specifications for such purposes. Reid was to receive 2,000 fully-paid-up shares in the defendant company. A dedaration was sought that the shares in question were the plaintiff's property, or that they were acquired by Reid as trustee or agent for the plaintiff. The defendant denied that he was bound by his agreement to give the whole of his time to the plaintiff's affairs. The Chief Justice found that the plaintiff's view of the case was a right one. The defendant, at any rate, had not satisfied him that his version of the affair was correct. He therefore found for the plaintiff and ordered that the shares in question be given up to him.

Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 25 Sep 1907, p 7. THE GLACIARIUM SHARE CASE. Melbourne, September 24. In the High Court to-day, judgment was give on the appeal over the Glaciarium shares. In the original action, the plaintiff was Charles Macdonald, of Sydney and Adelaide, and the defendants were Henry Newman Reid and the Melbourne Ice Skating and Refrigeration Company. It was alleged that the plaintiff entered into an agreement with Reid, under which the latter was to act as general manager, and that it was part of Reid's duty to use his influence in promoting the formation of syndicates for ice refrigerating or cold storage purposes. During the time Reid was in the plaintiff's employ he assisted in the promotion of the Melbourne Ice Skating Company and prepared plans and specifications. Reid was to receive 2,000 fully paid-up shares and 1,500 were allotted to him. The plaintiff sought a declaration, that the shares were his property. The defence was that the plaintiff was at liberty to devote a portion of his time and abilities for his own benefit, and that he was entitled to keep the shares. The Chief Justice gave a verdict in favor of thel plaintiff, and the defendant appealed against that decision on the ground that it was against the evidence. The High Court gave judgment unanimously in favour of the appellants. The defendant's contention that he waa not bound to give the whole of his time to the plaintiff's affairs and that he could engage in other work was upheld. When Reid undertook the supervision and erection of a glaci arium he was, the court found, acting in a capacity other than that of a servant of the plaintiff, and he accepted the shares as remuneration for the work so performed. The decision was come to by the court that it was no part of the defendant's agreement with the plaintiff that he was to hand over the shares and the defendant was therefore entitled to hold them. The judgement of the court below was discharged.

[93] Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 23 Jul 1902, p 3. Part transcript: Local Court Adelaide, Melbourne Chilled Butter and Produce Co Proprietary v. Charles Arthur MacDonald (trading as the Adelaide Ice and Cold Storage Company). The Victorian company sued MacDonald for "having in a negligent and improper manner failed to rake proper care of 205 cases of eggs entrusted to the defendant for storage in his cool room between September 18 and October 11, 1901." ... Henry Newman Reid, advisory director of the Portland Western Districts of Victoria Freezing Company, and a refrigerating engineer, said he had been appointed by the Victorian Government to report on freezing works in that State. He had been in the business since 1879. (Reid was called as an expert witness and gave evidence in support of MacDonald).

[94] Adelaide Advertiser, Fri 3 Jun 1904, p 6. Establishes H Newman Reid as the originator of the ice rink idea. Copy of original newsprint in "Dunbar Poole" biography of main body.

[95] Adelaide Advertiser, Sat 28 Oct 1911, p 5. Part Transcript: PEAR CASE. MAY LAST ANOTHER WEEK. The hearing was resumed before his Honor Mr. Justice Homburg on Friday of the case in which George 0. Penn claimed from the Government £642 10/ damages with regard to the pears stored in their Light-square works. Mr. A. J. McLachlan, with Mr. J. M. Napier, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. E. E. Cleland, with Mr. H. A. Shierlaw, represented the Crown. Henry Newman Reid said that from 1902 to 1906 he managed the Light-square works ... He left permanently in 1906, and for the last three or four years he had stored at his own works in Melbourne large quantities of fruit. Roughly he had handled from 40,000 to 60,000 cases, of fruit each year for the last four years. He had handled thousands of cases of Duchess pears a year during the last three or four years, and the fruit had been handled solely on account of clients.

[96] Adelaide Advertiser, Thu 5 Aug 1909, p 10. Part Transcript: ARBITRATION COURT, REFRIGERATING WORKS EMPLOYEES' TRADE. Melbourne, August 4. The hearing of the claim of the Federated Enginedrivers' and Firemen's Association of Australasia against the Pastoralist Finance Association of Sydney, proprietors of various refrigerating works in Melbourne and Sydney, and E. W. Daw, of Adelaide, was resumed by Mr. Justice Higgins in the Commonwealth Arbitration Court yesterday. The claimant association demanded preference in employment for its members, an eight hours day, 11/ per day for enginedrivers, 10/ per day for firemen, and time and a half for the first two hours' overtime, and double time thereafter, and on Sundays and holidays. ... Mr Henry Newman Reid, manager of the Glaciarium, said up to the time the present demand was received he had not heard of any dissatisfaction shown by the three engine drivers employed at the works. He had not heard of any Inter-State competition amongst refrigerating companies prior to the case now before the court.

[97] The Argus, Fri 1 Oct 1915, p 4. Mining Meetings. Augusta, Laverton AGM.

[98] The Argus, Mon 27 Aug 1906, p 9. ICE SKATING RINK COMPANY. The success of the ice skating rink in Melbourne has led to the formation of the Sydney Ice kating Rink Company Limited, says Friday's "Age." The company will have a capital of £50,000, of which a first issue of £25,000 in £1 shares has been made. The old Cyclorama and other land in Sydney has been purchased, and it is intended to erect a large rink and also to provide refrigerated accommodation for 10,000 to 15,000 tons of produce. The directors are Messrs. Bussacott, Minter, and D Mitchell of Sydney. The company has been successfully floated by F Thonemann and Co of Melbourne.

[99] The Argus, Tue 3 May 1904, p 1. Transcript: REID-MIREYLEES.--[Golden Wedding] - On the 3rd May 1854 at St Paul's Edinburgh, by the Rev. Geo Wood, the Rev John Reid to Mary Ann Mireylees both of Edinburgh Scotland. Present address "Lindores" Queen street Norwood South Australia.

[100] The Argus, Mon 27 Aug 1888 p 14, PROSPECTUS. The ICE and ROLLER SKATING RINK And ICE SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED. East Melbourne.

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