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Sydney Tange (1917- 2005)
First involved with ice hockey at St George Ice Hockey Club in 1937 as player and later Secretary / Treasurer. Playing career finished in 1947 when he became Secretary of the NSW Association, a position he held almost 12 years. He was acting President 1964/65. Awarded Life Membership of the NSW Association in 1960, and Life Membership of the Australian Ice Hockey Federation in 1962. President of the Glebe Lions Ice Hockey Club, and the Easts Monarchs Club; Life Member of the latter. Co-organiser of first interstate Junior Ice Hockey match in 1951 with the late Mr Alwyn Stuart (manager of St Moritz Ice Skating Rink, Melbourne, and President of Pirates IHC). Assistant Manager of Australian Team competing in the 1962 World Championships in Colorado, USA. President of the Australian Federation, from 1970-73. Presented with the H.C. and S.M. Hudson "Sportsman of the Year" Trophy in 1967. The National 17 years and under Tournament was named the Tange Trophy after him in 1969.

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[4] British National Archives UK Outbound Passenger Lists, 1890-1939; Dunbar Poole, age 22, departed 1899, Glasgow to Melbourne; departed Liverpool to Sydney 1909 aged 31, 1910 aged 32 and 1912 aged 34; departed London, 1923 to Melbourne aged 45, and 1925 London to Sydney aged 49. Ernest Poole aged 38 departed London, 1911 to Melbourne Ancestors Onboard.

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[10] Mic-Mac sticks were hand carved by Canada's native Mi'kmaq
population, originally in Nova Scotia. The Birthplace of Hockey website in Nova Scotia shows Mi'kmaq carvers making "MicMac" sticks c. 1900, as well as images of the Toronto Marlboros with MicMac sticks, some of which are shown at left.

[11] Dunbar Poole was an Irish-born Scot, the son of James and Elizabeth Poole who immigrated to Australia a few years after their son.
The birth records cited below for Alexander C D Poole (father George Dunbar Poole) are also consistent with the birth year derived from his various other records [12, 13]. Poole died in 1954, aged 78. He was the same age as Alexander C Dunbar Poole born 1877, Woodbridge; son of George Dunbar Poole. The 1881 British Census and the death registration of George Dunbar Poole locates this family at Ormskirk, 7 miles from the Southport Glaciarium; probably the only known indoor ice rink in Britain at the time.

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James Poole, aged 42; Mrs Poole, aged 42; and Miss B Poole, aged 17, immigrated from a British port in Feb 1901 aboard ship 'Oruba', Fiche 668, p. 4. (Parents and sister of Dunbar Poole).

Ernest Poole, age 38, immigrated from a British port on Aug 1911 aboard ship 'Commonwealth', Fiche 828 p. 2. Age on immigration record of Ernest Poole matches the birth registration of Ernest G D Poole to George Dunbar Poole and Susannah Stephenson in 1873, Channel Islands. There are no civil BDM records for Ernest Poole in Victoria after 1911.

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Reg No 5114/1914: James Poole died at Drummoyne in Sydney, NSW in 1914 (spouse Eliza). Reg No 4689/1923: Elizabeth C Poole (father: _ Simpson) died in Sydney in 1923 aged 79 years.

Gladys Waugh was born Gladys McKessar (see source 38). NSW BDM Reg No 49017/1971, Gladys Maria Poole died 1971 at St Leonards, NSW. Dau of Alexander and Maria. Maria and Alexander McKessar had 4 children in Peterhead, William Milne b. 1886, Arthur Creighton b. 1887 and Gladys Maria b. 1889 and Alexander b. 1891. They then migrated to Australia.

[31] 'International Genealogical Index' Civil Marriage Registration, James Poole and Elizabeth Simpson, 26 Feb 1869, Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, Batch No.: M116853, Source Call No.: 6035516 REGISTER. Consistent with parents names recorded in Death Registration of Dunbar Poole [30]

Alternatively, Dunbar was the child born to George Dunbar Poole and Susannah Stephenson in 1877 at Woodbridge, near Ipswich in Suffolk. The birth was registered 'Alexander C D Poole'. The middle initial 'D' was shared among 3 of 4 children — 'D' for 'Dunbar', his father's namesake. [13] However, the parents on the death registration of Dubar Poole were James and Elizabeth. If they were, in fact, Dunbar's natural parents, it is still probable that the two families were related; George may have been James' brother. George was an assistant schoolmaster born in Scotland about 1848. Susannah, his wife, was born at Owsten Ferry in Lincoln, near Nottingham, England, about 1849. They were married late-1872, 18 miles north-west of Lincoln in the parish of Gainsborough. [13] Their first son, Ernest G D Poole, was born about 1873 at St Aubins, Jersey in the Channel Islands. They remained there a year or two before moving to Woodbridge in Suffolk, where Alexander and two daughters, Lucy E D and Winifred Janet, were born. [12, 13]

By 1881, George's family had moved to the Holy Trinity parish of Coventry, Warwick, England. They resided at No. 5 Paynes Lane, with a boarder and domestic servant. [12] George died in 1890 at the age of 41 in Ormskirk in Lancashire, 12 miles north-east of Liverpool. Susannah, died 7 years later in 1897 at neighbouring west Sheffield in Yorkshire. [12] She was only 48 years old. Two years later, Dunbar Poole emigrated to Australia.

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Transcript: I am trying to find information on the Waugh family whom I believe moved to Western Australia. Father was a John Waugh and the mother was Gladys Maria McKessar (later married Dunbar Poole) - children were John McKessar Waugh b. 1912 and died in the 1980's in Snowtown, South Australia. I believe he was married with children. Secondly was Joan Milne Waugh whom I believe married an Ian Barrett Macdonald and thirdly Ellen Marjorie Waugh b. 1914 whom I understand was matron of a hospital in Perth and died some years ago from cancer. The Waughs were cousins of my first husband, Ian McKessar, and I have done a lot of work on this particular family tree but cannot seem to find this branch. Can anyone help me please. (

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[45] Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 15 Mar 1905, p 7. Transcript: The fact that Australia possesses an up-to-date ice rink — the only one in Australia — is greatly appreciated by large numbers of skaters, as well as by other visitors, who find the Glaciarium a cool and pleasant resort. The reconstructed floor gives a perfect surface, on which Professor Brewer, the expert from Prince's Rink, London, demonstrates what swift and artistic evolutions can be made. There are also many skillful amateurs, and all who try the ice are enthusiastic regarding the pleasures of a graceful and healthy exercise.

[46] The Brisbane Courier, Wed 14 Dec 1892, p 7. Transcript: The following is a list, taken from Lloyd's London Weekly Newspaper, of persons who left the United Kingdom for Australasia, or were last heard of in these colonies, and who are inquired for by friends in Great Britain. Answers to inquiries should be sent to the editor of Lloyd's, who has the addresses of the inquiring friends, and it is requested that in these answers mention should be made of the newspaper through which discoveries are made. CALDWELL, John Charles Gerald, went to Melbourne, 1882; last heard of at Langridge- street, Collingwood, about 1886-7. His mother seeks him. (Original from from Lloyd's London Weekly Newspaper Oct 16, 1892).

[47] Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923, Fiche 427, p 5. Public Record Office Victoria. Transcript (not yet confirmed this was John Charles Gerald Caldwell): CALDWELL JOHN age 36 arrived Melbourne from British port in DEC 1883 on WESTMEATH

[48] Adelaide Advertiser, Fri 3 Mar 1905, p 8. Transcript: The ice skating rink was reopened on Thursday evening. Considering the short notice the devotees of the art were given, there was a large attendance, the floor being well filled with skaters, while the seating accommodation was freely used by those who preferred to see the splendid ice floor used by others. Several improvements have been carried out, a great advantage being the partition erected between the entrance and the rink proper. The feature of the evening was an exhibition of fancy skating by Professor Brewer, who comes to Australia with excellent credentials. He proved that he is a skater whose equal has never been seen in Australia on an ice rink, and was loudly applauded for his dexterous and interesting exhibition, which reached a climax when he turned a complete somersault while going at full speed. The floor was in a better state than was ever reached previously, and all those who tried it vouched for its excellence. The temperature of the building was pleasant, the air being beautifully fresh and cool. The rink will be open every evening.

[49] Adelaide Advertiser, Mon 2 May 1904, p 7. Part transcript: The Junilee Exhibition Skating Rink. A "boom" in rinking has evidently set in.... During the present week Professor Cladwell, the champion roller skater of Australia, with two accomplished ldy rinkists, whose services as teachers have been secured, will come to Adelaide....

[50] Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 28 Sep 1904, p 10. Part transcript: Police Court-Adelaide. Henry Alfred Gerner was charged on the information of John Charles Gerald Caldwell, manager of the Ice Skating Rink, with having stolen a pair of skates...

[51] Adelaide Advertiser, Fri 9 Sep 1904 p 8. Transcript: ICE SKATING RINK. The new Ice Skating Rink at the old Cyclorama was opened for business on Wednesday, a free night on Tuesday having inaugurated the season. There was a good attendance, the house being full in the evening. The floor is not in quite perfect order owing to the difficulty of keeping the expansion within assigned limits, but each day will see improvement. A large number of skaters, many of whom graduated in the Exhibition Rink, occupied the ñoor, while many others watched proceedings from the comfortable seats provided. The management have spared no expense in the arrangements, and ice skating bids fair to become as popular as roller skating.

[52] Adelaide Advertiser, Sat 24 and Mon 26 Nov 1906, p 2. Notice of dissolution of partnership between H N Reid and William Brooker and Colin Stewart in the Ice Palace Skating Company, Adelaide.

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[54] The Advertiser, Wed 5 Jul 1905, p10. THE ICE SKATING RINK. The hockey match which was played at the Glaciarium on Monday evening between teams representing G. & R. Wills & Co., and Harris Scarfe, & Co., proved a success, and resulted in a win for Harris Scarfe, and Co. by four goals to nil. This evening teams representing England and Australia will meet on the ice. The following are the players:-England-Swanson, Barker, Poole, Knight, Watts, Osendale. Australia-Parker, Clutterbuck, Hosking, Nightingale, Butler, Part. This match is expected to prove an exceptionally good one, and is attracting a great deal of interest.

[55] The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Jun 1938, p 11. Transcript: Mr. Dunbar Poole, who. with wife, arrived by the Oronsay yesterday, has returned to Sydney after an absence of six years to be general manager of the Ice Palais. Mr Poole trained the last three World's Champion professional skaters. Mrs Poole also skates and took part in the skating at the Streatham Rink in London where her husband was stationed.

[56] Referee, Sydney, NSW Wednesday 21 May 1924 p 16. Transcript ICE HOCKEY SEASON At the annual meeting of the N.S.W. Ice Hockey Association Mr. Dunbar Poole presided; The office-bearers for the season include Messrs. Poole, O. Davis, D. O'Brien, Croll, Salmon and J. A. Kerr, sen. Mr. Norman Joseph is secretary and Mr. Reid treasurer. An assistant secretary was appointed in Mr. H. Ives. A cup, generously offered by Dr. Hamilton, was accepted by the Association for competition, the conditions to be announced later. The Canadian team's visit is a matter of interest to ice hockey players. It is hoped to bring out a team next season. Interstate matches instead of being held every two years' will be held every year. The Sydney Glaciarium opens to-morrow, and everything points to a successful season. The game is progressing, and the Association and rink managers are finding difficulty in accommodating the number of players coming along.ICE SKATING RESUME8. Tomorrow will see the resumption of ice skating at the Sydney Glaciarium. Mr Dunbar Poole, who is still in charge of this exhilarating pastime, anticipates that the new season will eclipse all others in popularity. The office for the issue of season tickets and the registration of skates opens to-morrow morning.

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[59] The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 19 May 1923, p 16. ICE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION. With the approach of the winter season the above association has made arrangements for matches on Wednesday and Saturday nights. The opening date has not yet been fixed but at the annual meeting four clubs were represented-viz.: Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, North Sydney, and South Sydney. Mr. Dunbar Poole was unanimously re-elected hon. secretary and treasurer. Mr. Poole recently returned from a tour of Canada and America.

[60] Referee, Wednesday 21 May 1924, p 16. ICE HOCKEY SEASON At the annual meeting of the N.S.W. Ice Hockey Association Mr. Dunbar Poole presided; The office-bearers for the season include Messrs. Poole, C. Davis, D. O'Brien, Croll, Salmon and J. A. Kerr, sen. Mr. Norman Joseph is secretary and Mr. Reid treasurer. An assistant secretary was appointed in Mr. H. Ives. A cup, generously offered by Dr. Hamilton, was accepted by the Association for competition, the conditions to be announced later. The Canadian team's visit is a matter of interest to ice hockey players. It is hoped to bring out a team next season. Interstate matches instead of being held every two years will be held every year. The Sydney Glaciarium opens to-morrow, and everything points to a successful season. The game is progressing, and the Association and rink managers are finding difficulty in accommodating the number of players coming along.

[61] Referee, Sydney, Sydney, 6 May 1937 p 13. Former Ice Hockey Goalie Honored At the annual meeting of the N.S.W. Ice Hockey Association last week, the delegates unanimously elected Jim Barnett, the former State and Glebe goalkeeper, as a life-member. It was a fitting method of honoring one who has for years done excellent work for the game. There are only five life members of the I.H.A.  E. J. Kendall, D. Poole, N. P. Joseph, C. V. Kerr and J. Barnett.

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