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[Top] At right with the Adelaide Flyers, Payneham, Adelaide, 1980. [Beneath] In net at 14 with the Saints Pee Wees, inaugural season of ice hockey in South Australia, St Moritz Adelaide, 1964.


April 2nd 1950
Adelaide SA Australia

SAIHA Saints (Pee Wee), SAIHA Blackhawks, SAIHA Falcons, NIHL Payneham Flyers, Thebarton Penguins

Goodall Cups
1990, '91, '95 [all as Team Mgr]

World Championships
2007, '10, '11, 2012 to '14 (Manager/ Team Leader) Ice Hockey

Treasurer and president of national ice hockey association
Life Member state associaton
Life Member national association

BORN ON APRIL 2ND, 1950 in Adelaide, he began ice hockey at 14 in net with the Saints, one of 3 Pee Wee teams on the tiny rink at Hindley Street during Adelaide's first season of ice hockey in 1964. He played for the Falcons from 1966 until 1977; the Blackhawks from 1978 to '82; and the Redwings from 1983 to '93.

In October 1967, he played in a state team against a team of sailors from HMCS Yukon, a Canadian Navy vessel visiting Port Adelaide on a "show the flag cruise" in Canada's Centennial year. It was the first "international" in South Australia. The match finished in a high scoring draw, twelve or thirteen apiece.

Although light for a centre forward, his skating ability enabled him to hold-off bigger players and he was skilled; a prolific goal scorer and an exceptional stick handler. Twice MVP of the Blackhawks A-grade ('76, '79), he was also league MVP three times (Walker Trophy) and league Highest Goal Scorer four times. He represented his state in many national championships for over a decade from 1969.

He officiated in the late-1970s and coached both the Blackhawks and Falcons to premierships, including the first ever for the Blackhawks' on the big ice at Payneham in the 1979-80 summer series. He moved to Thebarton and became operations manager of the new Payneham Ice Rink (1980 to '83). He was foundation coach, player and GM with the Payneham Flyers (1980-1) in the National Ice Hockey League, and also coach of the Thebarton Penguins (1983-1985). He won three Goodall Cups as manager of the state team (1990, '91, '95).

Variously treasurer, secretary, referee-in-chief and president of the state association, he became treasurer of the national association in the late-70s, and again between 2005 and '12. Credited with turning around its finances, from barely breaking even, to having operating capital for national teams in the hundreds of thousands, he was elected national president late-2012 and retired from office in 2015.

He was General Manager of the Australian National Senior Team in 2007 winning silver when Steve McKenna was coach; in 2010 again winning silver; Team Leader in 2011 winning gold and promotion to Division 1; and three more times 2012 to 2014 for a total of six senior World Championships in two divisions.

The driving force and first president of the Adelaide Vintage Reds, he was also president for 10 years of the national network of old-timers (OiHAN), during which time it became a full member of the national association. He was still active as OiHAN Tournament Director in 2016, and still helping its membership Australia-wide. He is a Life Member of both state and national associations.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Brown, Kevin (1950 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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Yukon v South Australia

St Moritz, Adelaide, 1967. Courtesy Rusty Smith. Dave Lynch, Terry Moyle, Rusty Smith, Chris Fennell, Daryl Panes, John McKinlay (C), Ted Buderick, Alan Dyer, Kevin Brown, Peter _____, Bob Avermarg, Geoff Lintern, Brian Cullen (goals),  Bill Young (SA coach), Alan Parman, Joe Szuna, Bob Harnas (Yukon goals). The referees were Chic Rendall and Ron Bachelor.

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1969 State Team

Courtesy Bob Charman. Back L-R: Marty Hosking, Joe Palmer, Ted Budarick, Bob Charman, Bill Kemp, Clive Thompson, Bill Vis, Steve Sviecka, Dave Lynch, Mac Edwards (Coach). Front: Jim Cahill (Mgr), Joe Szuna, Stephen Kilgariff, Mick Pegler, Johnny Durham, Kevin Brown, Rusty Smith, Peter Siddons, Bob Harnass (Asst Mgr).

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Falcons 1971 Grand Final

Courtesy Bob Charman. Back Row From left: John McKinlay, Steve Sviecka, John Williams, Steve Taylor, Mac Molloy, Kevin Brown, Don Smith, Terry Moyle. Front: Rusty Smith, Brian Cullen (G) Robert Pugh, Joe Palmer.

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1975 State team

Courtesy Bob Charman. Back L-R: Brian Johnson (Goals), Peter Fletcher (Canadian), Chris Tait, John McKinlay, Rusty Smith, Dave Lynch, Peter Siddons, Johnny Durham (G), Terry Moyle, Mac Edwards (Coach). Front: Brian Reaney, Jim Beatty, Clive Thompson, Ken Hall (front Team Manager), Kevin Brown (C), Gary Logie (Canadian) and Peter Coutts.

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