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Vic Ekberg (back) with the Tigers, 1950

BORN JUNE 16TH 1932 IN CANADA. Ekberg was a defenseman who graduated from the off-season hockey school commenced by Frank Chase at St Moritz St Kilda during the Melbourne summer of 1949-50. He first played competitive hockey on the right wing with the Tigers in 1950, and occasionally in defense with Ken Wellman. He played there competently but rarely brilliantly for a further two seasons before crossing over to the Pirates in 1953. He played half a season mainly in defense then sailed for England where he earned a place on the Streatham Royals in the Intermediate League London under the prominent Canadian coach Red Stapleford. Ekberg said he learnt more in that one season than he would have done in a lifetime at home. He was also fortunate enough to gain employment with the ice hockey equipment supplier, Dunkelman & Son, founded by British Olympic hockey player, Freddie Dunkelman. [558]

Ekberg returned to Australia mid-way through the 1954 season and found it difficult to settle back into local hockey. He finished the season with the Pirates and was selected to play for Victoria. He won three Goodall Cups: 1954, 1955 and 1961. In 1955, he became playing coach of Victoria's most controversial team, the Tigers . They had a reputation for preferring rugged play to making use of their obvious talents, but that changed under Ekberg. Harold Kent led the defense, allowing Ekberg to return forward, although he did play defense in the 1960 Olympic team. [558] Ice Hockey Victoria secretary 1980-81 and president in 1982. Rink manager at St Moritz St Kilda when it closed in 1982. The Vic Ekberg Trophy is the premiership award of the IHV Pee Wee junior grade. Awarded Life Membership of Ice Hockey Victoria in recognition of his contribution to the sport of ice hockey in Victoria. Life Member IHA, 2000.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Ekberg, Victor John (1932 "S )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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Vic Ekberg

Flagbearer for Australia at the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley.

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Vic Ekberg

With Tigers IHC, 1950 VIHA Premiers.