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June 2nd 1954

WAIHA Wildcats

Goodall Cups

World Championships
1979, 1986, 1987 Ice Hockey

First Western Australian to ever represent Australia in ice hockey.

BORN JUNE 2ND, 1954, he was 9 years-old when the game recommenced in Perth in 1963 after an eleven-year hiatus, and 23 when the first West Australian team travelled to Melbourne in 1977 to play exhibition games. He played centre and was the top goal and points scorer for the Perth Wildcats A-grade in 1983 on 39 goals, 18 assists from 24 games; an average of 2.4 points per game. He captained Western Australia and was Goodall Cup MVP in 1983 and also president of Ice Hockey WA from that same year.

In 1979, at the C-Pool World Championships in Barcelona, he was the first Western Australian to ever represent Australia in ice hockey. He scored 3 points (2-1) in 7 games making him equal highest point getter on the team, together with New South Wales' Chris Spike and Canadian-born Mike Pierce. In 1986, he became the first Western Australian to be appointed captain of the Australian team at the C-Pool Worlds in Pulgcerda, Spain.

In 1987 in his hometown, Guy Grant was equal sixth on points with Vlad Mihal, in the company of scoring leaders such as Scott Davidson, Sandy Gardner, Dave Emblem, Charles Cooper and John Botterill. He scored 16 goals and 15 fifteen assists from just 6 games. And the first D-Pool Worlds gold medal.

01. Historical Notes

The first ice hockey in Western Australia began in 1950, expanded to a 4-team league by 1951, but collapsed after just two seasons when the Perth Ice Palais in Beaufort Street closed in 1952. It took 11 years for the game to be re-established with the opening of the Premier Ice Rink (1963-1982) in East Perth in 1963, and about the same time again before there was a player who made local hockey history.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Grant, Guy (1954 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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C-Pool World Championships, 1979

Barcelona, Spain

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With WAIHA Wildcats, Perth, 1982

WAIHA 1982 Ice Hockey Fixture Programme

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C-Pool World Championships, 1986

Puigcerda Spain 1986

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C-Pool World Championships, 1987

Sydney Australia 1987

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