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Captain of the Bruins, Victorian Inline league, late-1990s. [1]


September 8th 1971
Connecticut USA

VIHA Melbourne Demons, OiHAN Melbourne Nite Owls, AIHL Melbourne Mustangs, Bruins Inline Hockey Club

Goodall Cups
Represented 9 times.

World Championships
1999, '01 Ice Hockey

Life Memberships
Melbourne Demons

Foundation Captain of the Melbourne Ice, 2002

BORN SEPTEMBER 8TH, 1971 in the United States, his father played for the Detroit Lions and his parents wanted him to play Lacrosse, but there were no teams for 6 year-olds so he began ice hockey instead. He represented Connecticut in the state team before he moved to Australia where he played 293 games for the Melbourne Demons ice hockey club between 1988 and 2006, and between 2010 and 2015.

He was A-grade captain for 12 seasons and helped win 9 of the Club's 10 Premierships, 6 as captain between 1997 to 2001, and again in 2003. He was the Club's A-grade MVP 6 times. Awarded Life Membership in 1997, his other awards at the Club include the 1986 Alan Currie Trophy (Most Promising Player); the 2010 Jimmy Brett Memorial Trophy (Most Inspirational Player); and membership as Alternate Captain of the 2007 Demons Diamond Jubilee Team at First Line Defense.

A "reluctant" defender, "unless lucky enough to have a real defenseman on my team", [1] he is equally accomplished at inline hockey and once even said his favourite hockey moment was singing the Australian national anthem after defeating Japan 13-3 in Australia's first ever international Inline Hockey win at the 1996 World Championships. He created, wrote and edited Australia's first dedicated ice and inline hockey publication, Planet Hockey.

Asked some time back to name his favourite ice hockey players, he mentioned Charlie Cooper, because "he skates till he can't skate any more and he can do everything on the rink — hit, shoot, deke and pass". The ACT's Mike Harrow because he had never played with a more determined, hard working bloke in his whole life. For ice and inline, Brian Vellacott because he can score from anywhere, Daniel Gunn and Andrew Petrie because of their playmaking ability, Anthony Wilson because of his reliability in defence and dirty big shot, and Tyler Lovering because he makes the right decisions on the rink all the time. [1]

Foundation captain of the Melbourne Ice in the Australian Ice Hockey League in 2002, he once remarked his pet hate was hockey players who came to Australia claiming they "just missed their window" to the NHL. He considered the attitude to training of young players the biggest difference between Australia and overseas. "Australian Juniors have probably more natural talent than most junior sports people in the world, however, the juniors of Northern climate countries are asked to train seriously and they do it or they don't play. The result is a better knowledge of team play". [1]

In a playing career that has spanned well over 30 years, he represented Victoria 9 times in the Goodall Cup interstate ice hockey series without ever winning a championship. In the 2000 season, he was selected in defense with Tyler Lovering for the Goodall Cup All-Star Team. Selected on 3 national men's ice hockey teams, he toured Krugersdorp South Africa in 1999 and Majadahonda Spain in 2001 when Kelly Lovering was coach. He averaged a point a game and won a IIHF Division 2 World Championship bronze medal on each occasion. He has played for the Melbourne Nite Owls in the Oldtimers League (OiHAN), the Dynamos in a Victorian recreational league, and probably other clubs. In 2016, he was appointed Assistant Coach of the Melbourne Mustangs Ice Hockey Club in the AIHL.

01. Historical Notes

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With Demons Junior-A Premiers

Oakleigh, Melbourne, 1986

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With Demons Snr-A Premiers

Oakleigh, Melbourne, 1998

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World Championships

Pretoria, South Africa, 1999

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With the Bruins inline team

Victorian inline league, late-1990s, courtesy

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Demons Snr-A Premiers

Oakleigh, Melbourne, 2001