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Photograph courtesy Steve Newbound and Frank Kusche


abt 1959
Adelaide SA Australia

IHSA Redwings, NIHL Payneham Flyers, IHSA Thebarton Penguins

Goodall Cups

Life Member
IHSA Redwings IHC

Represented SA in Inline Hockey
Slapshot 83 Champion

BORN ABOUT 1959 IN ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, the son of Clarrie Newbound. Solid weight, heart and speed, that's how the NIHL's Payneham Flyers described their own homegrown Babe Newbound in his second season with the club in 1981. He played local hockey for the Redwings where in 1980 he was the A-grade MVP and also the Most Consistent Player in the association the same year, then again in 1983 and 1984. He had played defense alongside Canadian Rick Adams and was considered a natural skater who, much like a quarterback, often carried the puck into the opposition zone to set-up his team.

Getting ice time at the elite level in Adelaide in those years was not easy. Both local and national leagues were flooded with players imported from overseas and the local NIHL coaches were demonstrably more interested in winning than player development. It was not a development league, and the Adelaide Flyers went from the bottom to the top in two seasons. In 1982, Newbound played for the Thebarton Penguins at the new Mt Thebarton rink and, although that club did not play in the NIHL, they did play against the Flyers. No doubt there are many who would like to forget the hapless Penguins were once beaten by the Flyers, 15-5, but not Frank Kutsche, who has preserved the legacy for all those local Adelaide players still to come! [1]

Described by the Flyers as one of the brighter Australian prospects involved in the sport, Steve Newbound was one of the locals who considered the rapid advance of the game in those years to be due to the increase in import players in the NIHL. It had, after all, provided him with the opportunity to play with overseas players as skilled as Adams and Malste. Yet Newbound was very definitely a product of the Adelaide ice hockey system. He won the televised SLAPSHOT 83 series with the Adelaide Flyers in Sydney in 1983, which was a coming of age for the South Australian game, and returned again with the Flyers for the 1984 series.

In 1987, when captain of the local Redwings, he won a Goodall Cup representing South Australia. Years later in 1999 he was the state association's B-grade MVP, a feat he repeated in 2000. He played with the Adelaide Vintage Reds 35+ Division 2 team in the Bendigo Cup in 2007 and was still competing in 2016. He has also represented South Australia in Inline Hockey.

Described as "the quintessential clubman who has given everything to the Redwings since the mid-1970s", he stepped up and accepted the reins as President when Ice Hockey South Australia needed a calm leader and ensured the growth and stability of the Association until standing down in 2016. He was a valued member of the national association making sure that his state's needs were addressed. [2] He is a life member of the Adelaide Redwings.

01. Historical Notes

The few Australian-born skaters who made the 1983 Adelaide Flyers team of newly imported players were quite probably Australian champions. There were usually only two pair of national team defenders during the eighties. One half or more of four spots were typically occupied by players who had mostly developed overseas such as Jim Fuyarchuk, Arte Malste, Roland Nilsson, Glen Foll and others.

Given it takes longer to master the defensive game than offence [3] — around the mid-20s for most NHL players — it is a small miracle that even a few young Australians still dare devote the typical 15 years needed here and overseas to land one of just two spots for a homegrown defender on the national team, compared to a dozen spots for forwards. Back then, the odds of representing your country at the end of that were no better for defenders than goalies. Thirty years on, this had not changed, and sometimes the odds had been even slimmer.

02. Citation Details

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03. Select Bibliography

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With the Redwings

Hindley St Rink, Adelaide, 1970s. Courtesy Franke Kutsche.

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With the Thebarton Penguins

1982. Courtesy John Botterill.

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With Slapshot 83 champions

Sydney Australia, 1983