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IHNSW Macquarie Bears, IHACT Canberra Knights

Goodall Cups

World Championships
1986, 1987 Ice Hockey

1987 Australian All-Star
1988 Thayer Tutt Trophy tournament

BORN IN 1964, he started forward with the Macquarie Bears and in 1983 won the Goodall Cup, Club MVP and top point scorer of the NSW Superleague. He joined the Canberra Knights in 1984 for their first Super League premiership. A fast skater and an accurate shot, he had an innate ability to pick gaps in the opposition's defense and remained a top scorer for some years. In 1987, he scored both goals for the ACT when SA defeated them in the grand final, 5-2, to win the second of their back-to-back Goodall Cups. He was named in the first Australian All-Star line-up that year.

Some years later he moved to defense and became a player-coach of the Canberra Knights at a time when most imports had retired and a group of young homegrown players took to the ice. He represented Australia in two world championships 1986 and 1987, and with ACT teammates, Jim Fuyarchuk and Russ Johnson in the Thayer Tutt international tournament in 1988, for countries that did not make Olympic selection.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Pollock, Dean (1964 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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With Macquarie Bears, 1982

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With Canberra Knights, 1985

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With ACT ice hockey team c 1988-9, courtesy Annie Abbott.

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With Inaugural D-Pool Gold Medal, Perth Australia