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Peter and Liz (in blazers), with the National Senior Team, Sydney, 1989

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Liz Rintel


Liz 21 May 1943
Peter 7 July 1943

Ringwood Fleas, Ballarat Miners, VIHA Hakoah, VIHA Demons

World Championships
(NYT Mgr) 1984, '85, '86, '87, '88; NST Mgr 1987, 1988, 1989 Ice Hockey

Coordinator Asia-Oceania championships Bendigo 1988

FROM THE LATE-1970s, you could only find them at Iceland Ringwood in Melbourne with their ten year-old son, instilling enthusiasm in enough local kids to soon fill two junior teams, one with the frightening moniker of Ringwood Fleas. He was not a player but she was a figure skater of note, a national skating coach and judge, who insisted on competent skating before playing hockey. She studied Professional Medical Practice Management at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales.

She became an official of the VIHA and both were driving forces of Minor Hockey Week during school hols in the early-1980s. The Chinese government contracted him to build ice rinks for developing that nation's skating and hockey skills. He was also hired by Pat Burley to build a rink at Ballarat which the couple then managed. He started the Ballarat Miners hockey team there, hiring Canadian Dave Allan to play and coach while she taught power skating. "Peter and Elizabeth Rintel were my Aussie parents when I first arrived in Ballarat, Vic in June 1981. So many fantastic memories. What a tremendous family and contributiuon to ice hockey in Australia". [2]

They moved back to Melbourne when the rink closed and their son played local hockey with the Demons and the state and national juniors and seniors. They were both committee members of the state association and they worked with John McCrae-Williamson to make it a corporation. In the late-1970s he was again contracted by Burley to build Iceland Footscray in Melbourne's west.

They helped out with the Victorian contingent of the inaugural National Youth Team in the Asia-Oceania championships in Japan in 1984, then Korea in 1985 where Australia won bronze. In 1986 he was appointed NYT team manager and she was assistant in China; then again in Adelaide in 1987 winning bronze; and in 1988 he was Coordinator of the Asian Oceania championships hosted in Bendigo. "Another thing that thrilled us was the ice hockey camps we ran for a couple of years. Had young players from all over Australia. Such an honour".

He was manager of the National Senior Team in Perth in the 1987 D-Pool Worlds; the Thayer Tutt Trophy in Holland in 1988; and the D-Pool Worlds in Sydney in 1989 when she was again his assistant. They provided funds to save the smoking remains of the Pirates and the Lions when many rinks closed in the 1980s. Rising from their ashes was the amalgamated second coming of Hakoah in which she was secretary and he was a committee member and team manager. He won the Alan Coleman Trophy at the Demons IHC in 1984 and was club president from 1985 to 1987. Both remained deeply involved with the sport until they moved to Darwin for health reasons in 2003.

In 2016, Liz was retired and Peter was the VET Coordinator for Plumbing at Charles Darwin University and operator of Rintel Plumbing.

01. Historical Notes

Son, Jamie, was born in 1960 and played left wing for Australia in the 1989 C-Pool Worlds. He had played 105 games in juniors and 75 in seniors; won the Olympic Ice Skating Centre Trophy (A-grade MVP) in 1988; and the Noel Derrick Trophy, the Victorian A-grade MVP, in 1991 with Hakoah.

02. Citation Details

Ross Carpenter, 'Rintel, Peter and Liz', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

03. Select Bibliography

[1] Based on historical notes provided by Paul Rice, Demons IHC Historian, 2016.
[2] Dave Allen, Legends Facebook, 28 November 2016.

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Asian-Oceania Championships, 1984

Inaugural National Youth Team (U18). Courtesy Glenn Grandy

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1987 Worlds

Perth Australia 1987

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1989 Worlds

Sydney Australia 1989