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September 10th 1956
Alberta Canada

BCJHL Bellingham Blazers, WCHL New Westminster Bruins, WCHL Regina Pats, CWUAA Golden Bears, EVZ (Swiss national league), IHQ Good Elf Vikings, IHQ Gold Coast Vikings, NSWSL Macquarie Bears

Goodall Cups

World Championships

BORN SEPTEMBER 10TH 1956 in Alberta Canada, he was a 6 ft 2 inch (188cm) centre educated at the University of Alberta. Back in the seventies, he had played centre with the Bellingham Blazers in the BCJHL (1974, '75); the New Westminster Bruins and the Regina Pats in the WCHL ('76); topping it off in the CWUAA with the University of Alberta until 1981. Under the watchful eye of legendary coach, Clare Drake, he was one of the Golden Bears' "Magnificent Seven" with Mike Broadfoot, Chris Helland, Jim Lomas, Larry Riggin, Barry Stafford, and Ted Poplawski.

After university, he and Cliff Stewart became trainers with EVZ in the 1981-2 season of the Swiss national league, but financial problems had landed the Club in trouble on and off the ice and they finished last in both qualification rounds and playoffs. EVZ were relegated from the national league on 27 Feb 1982 and it was soon after that he moved to Australia where he coached juniors at Skateworld on the Gold Coast in Queensland, including the Good Elf Vikings.

In 1983 he played and coached the Gold Coast Vikings on a roster with players such as Kevin Sands, Kelly Armitage, Peter Nixon, Ray Hess, and Dave Emblem. He competed with the Vikings in the second season of the Slapshot series in 1984, and he also coached Queensland state teams including the second successful Tange Team that year with Peter Nixon. Clinton Horner has partly credited his development to him, "I owe a lot to him for his guidance on and off the ice...The best coach I ever had. One of the best Golden Bears, part of their great history". Craig Campbell remembers him as "an outstanding player, coach and mentor to many young Ozzie hockey players".

He moved to Sydney where he became Coach of the Macquarie Bears, and took over the state side from Don Switzer for his one and only Goodall Cup in 1989, assisted by Richard Kinlough. He has worked in the institutional brokering community for over 30 years and today he is a director at Marketing Insights in Sydney Australia.

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UAlberta Golden Bears

4th player from left, middle row, Image courtesy Edmonton Journal, 2012, "Top of the Pops: Golden Bears Wall of Famer Ted Poplawski interviews with the Cult of Hockey" by Bruce McCurdy.

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With Gold Coast Vikings

Standing third from left at back, Narrabeen, Sydney, 1983. Courtesy Peter Nixon.

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With Macquarie Bears

Standing left, Macquarie Ice Rink, Sydney, mid-1980s. Courtesy Jim Kinlough.

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Goodall Cup Champions

New South Wales, 1989. Courtesy Jim Kinlough.

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Goodall Cup Champions

New South Wales, 1989. Courtesy Jim Kinlough.