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October 31st 1975
Taber, Alberta, Canada

ECSL Blacktown Bullets, AIHL Sydney Bears, AIHL (Western) Sydney Ice Dogs

Goodall Cups
1999, 2004, 2013

World Championships
2004 to 2008; 2010, '11 (7) Ice Hockey

Foundation captain, (Western) Sydney Ice Dogs
Alternate Captain of Australia
Assistant Coach Sydney Ice Dogs, 2016

HOCKEY WAS THE THING TO DO in Taber, Alberta, the corn capital of Canada, and he and his brother were no different. Born there on October 31st 1975 into a family with cultural ties to Yugoslavia, he began the sport at the age of 3. He moved to Australia and won his first Goodall Cup as a forward for New South Wales in 1999 when he was 23. He played for the Blacktown Bullets in the East Coast Super League, scoring an average of 1.6 points per game. There was no national team representation in Sydney's West when the League folded in 2000 until John Wilson, owner of the Blacktown Ice Arena, financed the second Sydney team in the Australian Ice Hockey League in 2002.

In the meantime, he joined the Sydney Bears for the inaugural season of the AIHL in 2000. In 2001, the Bears were runners-up in the single-game playoff of the 2001 Goodall Cup. In 2002, at 27, he became foundation captain of the Western Sydney Ice Dogs for their inaugural season of the AIHL. He was captain again in 2003, later wore the "A", and played for the Club until he turned 40 in 2015, a total of 13 seasons. In that time, he scored 46 goals 79 assists for an average of 0.76 points per game, and won two more Goodall Cups (2004, '13). After his retirement as a player, he became assistant coach to Vlad Rubes for the Ice Dogs' 2016 season.

He first represented Australia in the 2004 IIHF Division 2 World Championships in Jaca Spain winning Bronze. He recorded the Most Assists for Australia that year and was second top point scorer on 2 goals 9 assists behind Vlad Rubes on 5 goals 7 assists. He represented Australia again in Zagreb (2005); Auckland ('06), Seoul ('07), Newcastle Australia ('08), Mexico City ('10) and Melbourne ('11) for a total of 33 games over 7 tournaments. He averaged 1.12 points a game for Australia, winning 2 Gold, 3 Silver and a Bronze medal. He was Alternate Captain of Australia in 2007.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Sekura, Chris (1975 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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2004 World Championship

Jaca, Spain

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2005 World Championship

Zagreb, Croatia

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2006 World Championship

Auckland, New Zealand

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2007 World Championship

Seoul, South Korea

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2008 World Championship

Newcastle, Australia

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2010 World Championship

Mexico City, Mexico

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Honouring 2004 AIHL Champions

With Greg Oddy, Adrenaline v Ice Dogs, 2010. Courtesy Frank Kutsche

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2011 World Championship

Icehouse, Melbourne, Australia

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With Sydney Ice Dogs

2013 Goodall Cup Champions, photo by Mark Bradford

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Honouring 2004 AIHL Champions

From left: John Wilson Chris Sekura (4th) Jason Juba (7th), Liverpool Ice Rink, 2016

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Coaching the Ice Dogs

On the bench (in black) With Jake Burgess, Remy Sandoy, Ilman Lee, Cameron Smith, Kane Spence, Chris Sec, Alec Stephenson, Todd Stephenson, Dave Dunwoodie, Vlad Fillip Rubes, Richard Stevens and Jason Juba, Liverpool Ice Rink, 2016

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Coaching the Ice Dogs

Far left versus Melbourne Ice With Ilman Lee, Chris Sec, Lukas Manco, Paul Swindlehurst, Jake Burgess, Todd Stephenson and Scottie Stephenson. 2016