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At left with Russ Carson, departing for USA, 1962


Not known

Sydney Australia

NSWIHA St George, NSWIHA Glebe, NSWIHA East Monarch

Goodall Cups
1952 (Mgr)

World Championships
1962 (Asst Mgr)

Life Memberships
East Monarch IHC
State Association
National Association

Hudson Trophy "Sportsman of the Year"
National U18 ice hockey trophy named in his honour

BORN IN 1917, his involvement in the sport had stretched back to 1937 when he joined the St George IHC in the New South Wales League at the age of nineteen. He played the game for 10 years until 1947, then made his mark as an administrator, first as secretary-treasurer of the Club, president of the Glebe IHC, president of the East Monarch IHC, Life Member of the latter. He was assistant treasurer of the New South Wales association, and eventually secretary-treasurer, positions he held for almost 12 years. He was a co-organiser of the first interstate junior ice hockey match in 1951 with Alwyn Stuart, the manager of St Moritz Melbourne and president of the Pirates IHC.

He won a Goodall Cup as team manager representing New South Wales in Melbourne in 1952 when Claud Hamil was coach. He was Assistant Manager of the Australian team competing in the 1962 A-Pool World Championships in Colorado, USA. Awarded life membership of the state association in 1960, he was acting president 1964-5 then elected president until 1966, and awarded the "Sportsman of the Year" Hudson Trophy in 1967. He was also awarded life membership of the national association in 1962, where he later served as president from 1970 to 1973.

In 1969, the trophy for the national 17 years-and-under tournament was presented by three former NSW players and administrators — Ken Kennedy, Jim Mortimor and Mark Murphy. It was their desire it be named after Syd Tange whose interest in junior development had spanned twenty years. In 1999, the state association published his work Ice Hockey: The NSW Ice Hockey Association Inc. — facts and events 1907-1999, a selective history of the New South Wales ice hockey association.

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1962 Pool-A Worlds

Program covers, Denver, Colorado, 1962. Courtesy Martin Harris.

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1962 Pool-A Worlds

News copy, Denver, Colorado, 1962. Canberra Times, 20 March 1962, ACT Australia.

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1962 Pool-A Worlds

Team photo, Denver, Colorado, 1962.

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First International Win

Signed Game Sheet, Australia vs Denmark, 1962

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Facts and events 1907-1999

Book cover, Syd Tange, 1999