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"With a true legend of Australian ice hockey, Tony Martyr", Canberra, 2013. Courtesy Russ Trudeau. Click for full image.


abt 1953

CFB Borden league, Barrie ON Canada, OiHAN Newcastle North Stars, Rusty Blades

Goodall Cups
1977 [player-coach]

Australian Club Championships
1972 [player-coach]

Player-coach of first Brown Trophy for Queensland
Player-coach of first Goodall Cup for Queensland

BORN ABOUT 1953 in Canada, his father was a regimental sergeant-major in the mostly French-speaking Van Doos; the Royal 22nd Regiment (R22R) of the Canadian Army. He attended Quebec High School (1959-64) and joined the Canadian army in 1964. In 1967, he graduated in Arts from Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec, and in 1969-70 he graduated from the first Basic Logistics Officer course and became a Captain with Logistics (former Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps) serving in Shilo, Clinton, and Kingston. He played hockey in the Canadian Forces Base Borden hockey league at Barrie, Ontario, north of Toronto.

He left the army in 1970 and graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario (1971). He pursued a career as a Special Needs teacher in Australia with the Education Departments of New South Wales (1971-2), the Evelyn Unger School in Edmonton, Alberta (1973-4, 1978-9) and in Queensland Australia (1975-77, 1980-2011). He completed a Master of Education and a Graduate Diploma in Special Education at Griffith University in Queensland, also studying at the Universities of Alberta and Queensland.

In 1972 he was a winger with the New South Wales Goodall Cup team losing to Victoria in the three-game series at Oakleigh and St Moritz in St Kilda. He was selected from that series for the state team competing in the Australian Club Championships won by the VIHA Monarchs in Melbourne. In 1976 he was playing coach of the Queensland Brown Trophy team, winning the competition for the state for the first time ever and also the Queensland state team who were the Goodall Cup runners-up. In 1977, he was again playing coach of Queensland, leading the team to its one and only Goodall Cup, the first state to win the championship after Victoria and New South Wales.

More recently, he played for the Sydney Silver Foxes in the over-55s division of the 2012 Australian Masters Ice Hockey Tournament at Penrith, NSW. The Foxes competed against the Melbourne Nite Owls and the Canberra Senators, winning the championship without losing a match. He contributed half his team’s goals (7 goals) plus 2 assists. In 2016, he was the National Champion of the Oldtimers Over-55 League at age 70. Married (Rita) with a married daughter (Andrea), he is now retired and lives at Maleny, Queensland.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Trudeau, Russ (abt 1953 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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With Tony Martyr

Canberra, 2013. Courtesy Russ Trudeau.

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With Peter Nixon (holding Cup)

Newcastle North Stars OiHAN team at O'Brien Group Arena, Melbourne. Courtesy Peter Nixon.

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With the National Champions

Queensland, 1977 Goodall Cup Champions

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