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With the Australian National Senior Team, IIHF Pool-D World Championships, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002. Courtesy John Botterill


March 19th 1980
Jyväskylä, Finland

Jää-Ahmat (U16), NSWSL Sydney Bears, AIHL Sydney Bears, Suomi-sarja Ahmat Hyvinkää,

Goodall Cups
1999, 2002

World Championships
2000 to 2003, 2005 Ice Hockey

BORN MARCH 19TH, 1980 in Jyväskylä, Finland, he developed there and played for Jää-Ahmat Under-16s in 1995; attended Cardigan Mountain School, USA, 1995-96; and then Cranbrook School in Sydney Australia until 1999.

He won a Goodall Cup representing New South Wales in 1999 and played five seasons with Sydney Bears 2000 to 2005 winning a second Cup in 2002. He produced an average 1.67 points a game in the AIHL. In 2005, he played for Ahmat Hyvinkää in the Suomi-sarja, Finland's third-highest league. He represented Australia five times at the IIHF D-Pool Worlds, from 2000 to 2003 and 2005, winning Bronze in 2001 and Silver in 2005.

He was an assistant with the Finnish Olympic team during the Sydney Olympics and in 2003 he completed a Bachelor of Sports Marketing and Management at the Australian College of Physical Education majoring in Sports Management. By then, he had lived in Australia for many years. Back in Finland he worked for the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, where he was responsible for organizing events and soliciting sponsorships. He competed at the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon in 2014 where he was 34th of 318 men and 6th of 46 in his age group. He has returned to Sydney from time to time.

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With the Sydney Bears

AIHL Grand Final, Blacktown, Sydney, 2002

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2000 Worlds


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2002 Worlds

Cape Town, South Africa

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2004 Worlds

Jaca Spain

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2005 Worlds

Zagreb Croatia

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Abu Dhabi International Triathlon