Hall of Fame

2016 Pilot Charter (Draft)

The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, because it's only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles, wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.

Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club

Who wouldn't like to divide an award up into a thousand pieces and give each contributor a piece? But you know we can't, and you also know a hall of fame is not the same as an award for being the MVP of the year. It's an acknowledgement of the longevity of an accomplishment.

Ross Carpenter, Legends of Australian Ice, 2016. [5]

FOR A LONG TIME NOW, we have been assembling the biographies of champions and builders who are significant in some way to the story of the first half-century of ice sports here. They are the characters in the stories. While doing the second half century this year, we noticed some people had a view on whether or not these champions of the game were actually "legends". Maybe that is because many are still living and known to you. It is much less common for someone to mention someone not living.

Well, let it be known, at this point in time the status of the hockey biographies on the Legends website are champions and builders. We promote evidence based decision making, policy, strategy and programming in sport and active recreation. This year, our tenth year, we will introduce the Legend status to recognise those members who have distinguished themselves at the highest level, those who have inspired us by example. One champion or builder will be recognised each year as a "Legend of Australian Ice".

The Award

The Award will be induction to the Legends Hall of Fame, certified and online. The online Hall of Fame is maintained in perpetuity by National Archives Australia (NAA), along with all the Legends website. Whenever funding permits, a lapel pin or brooch to the Legends design is to be provided, and this will apply retrospectively until every award recipient has one. Any other prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the jury.

The Jury System

Jurors and members of their organisations are not eligible in the year they are participating.

Jurors must declare any vested interest or perceived conflict of interest regarding a nominee and step down from the jury for assessment of that nominee. Jurors must sign a statutory declaration attesting to this.

There will be a single category of "Ice Hockey" in the first year. Other ice sports will be progressively introduced in subsequent years.

The Jury reserves the right to seek expert advice on shortlisted biographical material.

Jury decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

2016 Jury

Jury selection is crucial in achieving a credible awards outcome. Jurors are appointed on the basis of their practical expertise, professional standing and high profile.

The Jury Chairperson will call for Expressions of Interest from prospective Jurors each year via the Legends online platforms.

Jurors will be appointed by the Jury chairperson.

There must be at least five voting jury members, including women, or an award must not be made.

A jury must have expertise in the category being assessed.

The Jury chairperson will have full executive power and no vote.

Jury participation is pro bono.

Jurors will need access to a computer and broadband internet during the judging period, and they will need to ensure internet access is maintained until judging is complete.

The Legends online platforms will operate on any type of computer (Windows, Mac, etc.), so long as it has access to the internet and at least one web browser installed (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).

A large monitor and good-quality speakers or headphones are recommended.

The 2016 Jury Chairperson is Ross Carpenter, curator of Legends of Australian Ice.

Public Nominations

The Jury may shortlist any number of champions and/or builders from the Legends website or social media for which a sporting biography has been researched and published.

The jury must shortlist at least one champion and/or builder from the website or social media who has been nominated by the public via the Legends online platforms.

Public nominations are in addition to jury nominations.

Public nominations will be invited for two weeks via social media.

The Jury Process

As part of the jury process, each juror will be required to:

• View all biographical material for each nominee they are judging via the online platforms.

• Nominate at least one champion or builder.

• Assess and shortlist nominees for discussion.

• Participate in a jury discussion by conference call.

• Vote via a preferential ballot.

Under this system, a juror's vote can still count, even if their first choice of candidate is eliminated due to a lack of votes.

Individual juror’s votes are not disclosed to the rest of the jury, and winners are not revealed to the jury by the scrutineer until the public announcement.

Jurors’ names will be publicly released on the Legends online platforms at the end of each year to ensure transparency and authenticity in the judging and voting process.

The Vote

The Legend inductee each year will be the shortlisted champion or builder with the absolute majority of the primary vote.

If no candidate secures an absolute majority of primary votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is then eliminated from the count.

The votes for the eliminated candidate are then redistributed among the remaining candidates according to the number two preference indicated on the original ballot.

This process of elimination based on preferences continues until a candidate secures an absolute majority.

An independent scrutineer will oversee the vote.

Funding or Sponsorship

The Legends project and the 2016 Hall of Fame Pilot is privately funded by the curator, Ross Carpenter.

All public donations to the fund are to be maintained by trust deed for the sole financing of the awards to recipients and, as funds permit, reimbursement of any travel and out-of-pocket expenses of jury members.

Private sponsorship will be considered when a pilot succeeds.

Donors and sponsors must have no contact with jury members and no influence in the jury process.

Donors and sponsors must declare any vested interest or perceived conflict of interest regarding a nominee and step down from sponsoring the award that year.

Donors and sponsors are to be acknowledged on the Legends website and social media.

There will be no opportunities for any form of advertising on the Legends online platforms.


If any of these conditions are breached, for whatever reason, no award is to be made. Two awards can be made the following year.

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