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[Top] with the 1979 Australian Men's Team [Beneath] From "Comeback on ice," unidentified newspaper article, c1982. Courtesy John Heron.


January 17th 1962
Glasgow Scotland

VIHA Pirates, Melbourne Jets (Slapshot), BHL Glasgow Dynamos, BHL Ayr Bruins, BHL Dundee Rockets, IHV Blackhawks, AIHL Melbourne Ice, AIHL Melbourne Mustangs (coach), IHV Melbourne Demons (coach) and the AJIHL Melbourne Glaciers (coach), OiHAN Melbourne Nite Owls

Goodall Cups

World Championships
1979, 1995 Ice Hockey

Outstanding Player, 1981 NIHL

BORN JANUARY 20TH, 1939 in Glasgow Scotland, he migrated to Melbourne Australia with his family in 1971 when he was 11. His father Robert was a former top scorer and captain of Great Britain and his grandfather is referred to "the Grand Old Man of British, and especially Scottish, ice hockey". Both were inducted to the Ice Hockey Journalist UK Hall of Fame.

He began ice hockey as a forward with the VIHA Pirates in 1977 when he was 15, made the State side for the Brown Trophy at 16, and represented Australia in the 1979 Worlds at Barcelona in Spain when he was 17. He played for the Melbourne Jets in the Slapshot series in Sydney and was named Outstanding Player in the 1981 NIHL season, still just 19 years-old.

He considered pro hockey in Canada, but instead went on to play in the Heineken League of the mid-1980s, with the Glasgow Dynamos in '85 and '86 coached by his grandfather, Sam; Ayr Bruins (1986); and Dundee Rockets (1987). Perhaps not surprising given his heritage. He averaged 2.3 points a game with the Dynamos and played the 1986 and 1987 Autumn Cups.

On his return to Australia, he played A-grade hockey for Melbourne Blackhawks into his late-forties, winning club MVP in 1999 and 2003, and top point scorer three times (1998, 2002, 2003). He was also state MVP in 1995 and 2003 and the Victorian league's top scorer in 2003. He has played 500-plus games in the Victorian league which places him among the dozen or so living who have played the most games.

He represented Australia again in 1995 in Johannesburg South Africa and was a player for the Melbourne Ice in the Australian Ice Hockey League in 2005 at the age of 43. Yet, he has never won a Goodall Cup. He then briefly coached the AIHL Melbourne Mustangs, and he is presently coach of the IHV Melbourne Demons and the AJIHL Melbourne Glaciers, while playing old-timer's hockey with the Melbourne Nite Owls.

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Ross Carpenter, 'Stevenson, Douglas (1962 - )', Legends of Australian Ice, Melbourne, Australia,, accessed online .

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With Victorian U20 Team

Brown Trophy, 1978

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C-Pool World Championships

Barcelona Spain 1979. Courtesy Paul Rice, IHV Historian

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"Comeback on ice"

unidentified newspaper article, c1982. Courtesy John Heron.

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With Melbourne Jets

1983 Slapshot series, Sydney Morning Herald, Jul 1983

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Sam and Doug, Glasgow Dynamos

Glasgow, Scotland, 1985

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Glasgow Herald article

Glasgow, Scotland, 11 Feb 1986

alt text
World Championships

Johannesburg, South Africa, 1995

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With the Blackhawks

Melbourne, 2002